About Us

Fostering a multidisciplinary network is an essential requirement in order to achieve this goal.  Members of the academic department of Rheumatology work in partnership with clinical colleagues throughout Wales through WARN.

The main objectives of the newly funded NISCHR (National Institute of Social Care and Health Research) WARN Research group include:

  • Facilitating active service user participation in all stages of research
  • Identifying arthritis and musculoskeletal research priorities for Wales
  • Increasing the quantity and quality of research into musculoskeletal disorders (independently and through participation in the UKCRN Musculoskeletal Speciality Group portfolio studies).
  • Attracting high level research funding
  • Ensuring the existing local basic science expertise and developments are relevant and translated into real benefits for people with arthritis
  • Developing an NHS research culture in the field of musculoskeletal conditions by facilitating and maximising participation by clinical staff of all levels in research
  • Raising the profile of arthritis and musculoskeletal research in Wales and ultimately improving the quality of life and care of people living with arthritis in Wales