Funding opportunities

Age UK

Age UK work with older people as well as with government, the wider public, academic, voluntary and industry and commerce sectors to: influence the funding, volume and direction of age-related research; play a part in the design of age-related research; collaborate in research projects; support user engagement in research; exchange knowledge on age-related research; support the translation of research into practice and fund research on a joint basis. For further information, please follow the link below. 

Arthritis Research UK

Arthritis Research UK (ARK) is the charity leading the fight against arthritis. As the biggest funder of research into the cause, treatment and cure of all forms of arthritis in the UK, ARK aims to fund pioneering, high quality research that will help develop the best treatment and prevention of arthritis in the world.  For further information and to see what funding schemes are available, please see the ARK website.

British Scoliosis Research Foundation

The British Scoliosis Research Foundation (BSRF) is the only charity that exists solely to promote research into the treatment of spinal deformities in the UK. The BSRF works closely with the Scoliosis Association (UK), the national patient's support organisation and also with the British Scoliosis Society, the organisation for doctors specialising in the treatment of scoliosis. Each year the BSRF funds a great deal of research into scoliosis and periodically holds an international symposium to spread the knowledge gained from research. Further information about the foundation is available on their website:


The Foundation’s objectives are to offer grants to fund research into identifying and evaluating solutions with the potential to improve health outcomes at a population-level as well as reducing health inequalities. Funding is available for the following areas: achieving sustained behaviour changes in relation to smoking, diet, physical activity and alcohol consumption; facilitating wellbeing and preventing mental ill health; improve patient decision-making through, for example, shared decision-making interventions and improving the design of community health activities by using new technologies to cost-effectively organise and interpret health outcome data. Please see the BUPA website for information.

Crohn's and Colitis UK

Crohn's and Colitis UKaims to improve life for everyone affected by Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), the most common forms being Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Together these conditions affect about 250,000 people in the United Kingdom. The charity brings together people of all ages who have been diagnosed with IBD, their families and the health professionals involved in their care and funds research projects up to the value of £120,000. Please see the Crohn's and Colitis UKwebsite for further details.

Economic and Social Research Council

The Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) is the UK's largest organisation for funding research on economic and social issues. The council supports independent, high quality research which has an impact on business, the public sector and the third sector. In 2012/13 the budget of £205 million was awarded by the council to support over 4,000 researchers and postgraduate students in academic institutions and independent research institutes.  Full details on how to apply to the ESRC are available on their website.


The Medical Research Council is a publicly-funded organisation dedicated to improving human health. We support research across the entire spectrum of medical sciences. The MRC mission is to improve human health through world-class medical research. As such, research across the biomedical spectrum, from fundamental lab-based science to clinical trials, and in all major disease areas is supported. research that is likely to make a real difference to clinical practice and the health of the population is prioritised. Comprehensive information about various funding opportunities is available on the MRC website.


National Osteoporosis Society

A great deal of progress has been made since the National Osteoporosis Society was established in 1986: scientific understanding of osteoporosis has improved immeasurably, scanning machines used to diagnose osteoporosis are much more widespread and a wide range of treatments has been developed. However, there are still many areas of osteoporosis are poorly understood and a great deal of research is required. The National Osteoporosis Society is particularly interested in Scientific research into why, how and when people develop fragile bones and fractures. More high-quality research could help us to eradicate preventable fractures completely. The Society supports the clinicians and young scientists of tomorrow specialising in osteoporosis and bone health research to ensure that the highest quality of research continues to be performed in the UK. Studentships, prize schemes and bursaries are available.

Orthopaedic Research UK

Othopaedic Research UKis a charitable organisation which funds high quality research into orthopaedic science. The organisation is dedicated to advancing orthopaedic knowledge, not just by funding and publicising research - but also by organising training and events which promote collaboration between orthopaedic surgeons, scientists and engineers. Research is funded at different levels, PhD, MD, Post Doctoral and clinical fellowship. Since 2004 Othopaedic Research UKhave supported 98 research projects, which amounts to nearly £7million. Please see the Othopaedic Research UKfor further information regarding funding opportunities.

Pharmaceutical Companies

Pharmaceutical companies often invest generously into research projects that improve health and well being. With many Pharmaceutical organisations offering a wide variety of financial support, listed below is a selection of those that have research funding schemes available.

Abbott Laboratories



Astellas Pharma

Bayer Healthcare

Baxter International

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Eli Lilly


Meck & Co.





Wellcome Trust


The Psoriasis Association

The Psoriasis Association focuses on helping people whose lives are affected by psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis through research, information and raising awareness. The association offers advice, raises awareness, funds and promote research into the causes, treatments and care of people with psoriasis. Since becoming a Registered Charity in 1968, one of the three objectives of the Psoriasis Association has been “to promote and fund research into the causes, nature and care of psoriasis and to publish and disseminate the results of that research”. Over £4 million has been awarded in grants and PhD Studentships thanks to the fundraising efforts of individual members and Branches over the years as well as major legacies and large donations. The projects that have been funded range from genetic research, through to psychological interventions to help people cope with the impact of psoriasis on everyday life. Please visit the website for further details.

The British Sjögren’s Syndrome Association

Founded in 1986, the association was founded as a registered charity to raise awareness of the disease and support research into its cause and treatment. A self-help organisation with more than 1800 members, the BSSA is dedicated to providing mutual support and information to individuals affected by this disabling disease. The British Sjögren’s Syndrome Association website provides information on grants for Sjögren’s Syndrome research.

The British Skin Foundation

The British Skin Foundation (BSF) are the UK's only charity dedicated to skin research and raise money to fund research for cures for skin disease and skin cancer. The foundation has supported more than 260 research projects and awarded more than £8m in funding across all skin diseases including eczema, psoriasis and many more. A BSF Small Grant is available up to £10,000 to anybody wishing to carry out UKor ROI based research into skin disease. Please see the BSF website for further information regarding funding.

UKCRN Musculoskeletal Portfolio

The UK Clinical Research Network Portfolio (UKCRN), which comprises the network Portfolios for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, is a database of high quality clinical research studies that are eligible for support from the Clinical Research Network in England. The Musculoskeletal studies that have been adopted on to the portfolio can be viewed from the link below.