Research Portfolio

The research portfolio is a database of high quality arthritis and musculoskeletal research studies that are being conducted in Wales. Studies that are adopted onto the WARN portfolio can benefit from a variety of support, including publicising the research, recruitment of participants and developing research bids. 

A research project that is eligible for inclusion on to the portfolio is defined as any arthritis or musculoskeletal study that has secured funding via a peer-review process in open competition.

Adopted studies on to the WARN portfolio can benefit from support from the WARN team, collaboration opportunities to strengthen research and grant applications, publicising of research, recruitment of participants and research bid development.

If you have a project to be included on the WARN portfolio, please complete the following project form and return to Liz Irvine, or Roxanne Cooksey,

Please note, for studies to be adopted onto the NISCHR portfolio, a NISCHR study proforma should be completed and returned to