Public Contributor Advisory Group

Public Contributors can be defined as individuals that use a statutory or voluntary service to treat or manage a medical condition and also refers to carers of individuals with a condition.

Including service users at all stages of research process is central to WARN and improves the relevance of the research, benefiting people living in Wales with musculoskeletal conditions and the service providers who support and treat them. 

The WARN advocates that Public Contributors:

  • contribute to all stages of research, from determining research priorities and agendas, through to dissemination of results.
  • contribute to all levels of the network and its governance structure, from shared-decision making at board level to collaboration on individual trials, in addition to the dedicated Public Contributor Advisory Group,
  • enjoy equal status to other members of the network
  • receive adequate support, resources and information to allow them to undertake their roles.

Public Contributors in the network will contribute to five main domains:

  1. Identification of problems requiring research
  2. Setting priorities for musculoskeletal and arthritis research
  3. Study design (from initial germination of idea)
  4. Collaboration on studies (as co-applicants whenever possible) throughout the process
  5. Dissemination of results

Outcome Measures in Rheumatology

The Outcome Measures in Rheumatology (OMERACT) group website provides information on involvement in research and also a useful glossary for public contributors and professionals on their Patient Research Partners page.


If you would like to get in touch with members of the Public Contributor Advisory Group, please contact Liz Irvine on